Our face – Part 2 – The art of the facial release

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at how the way we go through life, ends up all over our face. It ends up in the pursed lips, the clenched jaw, the narrow, guarded eyes, the furrowed brow…. We have all seen faces that have at least some of those things.

The fact is, every time we react or get angry, frustrated or upset, etc, and do not deal with it, it ends up on our face. All those lines etc as we age are a natural part of life, and not at all a bad thing, but it is a completely different story to be clenching the muscles in our face in such a way that our face becomes rigidly held in tension – all because of things we have not dealt with and thus hang onto.

Lines on our face from a graceful ageing process are actually lovely as they reflect the wisdom that comes with age and show the stage in life we have reached and thus can offer back to others. By contrast, tensely held, closed off faces cemented into position by decades of not dealing with things, are a completely different matter.

So what can we do about this? Continue reading “Our face – Part 2 – The art of the facial release”

Our face – Part 1 – What are we storing in our face?

Have you ever stopped to feel your face?

We have tons of tiny little muscles in our face – across our foreheads, all the way around our eyes, in our cheeks, around our mouths, and right across our jaw. We use these tiny little muscles a lot. And the fact is, it shows.

Whenever we tense up, it tends to show in our face. It’s easy to see why. If we are constantly stressed, and feeling burdened by life, then our furrowed brow tends to become more pronounced, until such time as it is our usual face, i.e. it is imprinted with what we have chosen to be in – the quality we have chosen to be in. Continue reading “Our face – Part 1 – What are we storing in our face?”

Appreciating our amazing qualities

Have you ever thought about what makes you great? We spend so much time criticising ourselves or focusing on what we haven’t done so well, but what if we actually took a moment to appreciate what is amazing about us?

The fact is, we all have qualities which are amazing and which we bring to the world. We all have our different flavour, and the wonderful thing is that the richness of what we get to experience when we all choose to bring our all, is something way beyond just the ‘sum of all its parts’.

The reason for this is that we are not really individuals, when it comes down to it. We used to have a saying that no man is an island. What this means is that we are not designed to operate as singular units, only out to look after ourselves or our own kind (however we define that to be).

We are 7 billion people sharing space on a planet and life is so much more than just the security, comfort and individual desires we get to amass and satisfy. When it comes down to it, what really matters in life, is far, far more than all of this.

What really matters is connection with people, across the board.

And we all get to benefit, in fact hugely, when any one of us brings all the amazingness we have to bring.

In order to really bring all we have to bring, we have to start by appreciating ourselves. Continue reading “Appreciating our amazing qualities”

Getting out of struggle and into the flow

Have you had moments when everything seems super simple and just flows? It feels amazing, doesn’t it?

If you have experienced this in life at all, then you have a marker of how it could be. For the fact is, if you have experienced this at some point, then it is a lived reality. You know how it feels, because you’ve lived it, even if just in glimpses or moments.

What that means is the struggle in life that we so often contend with, can just disappear. Why? Because we come to realise that we have a lot to do with creating the struggle ourselves, and we can actually do without it. Continue reading “Getting out of struggle and into the flow”

Your body – Part 3

So far in this series, we have looked at the way we tend to treat the body as a bit of a trash can. We dump things into it, we push it hard, and we ignore its signals as to what it needs. We think we are getting away with this, as we have plenty of substances or distractions we use to keep the momentum going, so that we get the ‘satisfaction’ we want. But living in this way is living in a false relationship with our body, and one that – when we are willing to see it – is actually abusive.

Yes, we are very good at being in an abusive relationship with our own body. For a long time, we tend to just keep this going, thinking we are getting away with it. Until we either hit a stop that makes us change, or we decide that we want to change without having to hit a stop.

So how do we come out of this, if we decide we want to change it? Continue reading “Your body – Part 3”

Your body – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at how we tend to push our bodies through, in order to get what we want. We started to see that this has ramifications – which when we are ready we realise are not actually worth it.

As a great example that we all can relate to, if the body is tired, then is it really worth pushing it? We come to the point when we realise very clearly that it is not. This means that we may want the entertainment or the stimulation of food, an exciting experience or whatever may be on offer, but we may decide, in the end, that if we are tired, then it is actually more important to us to honour the fact that we need to rest.

If we push it, we will end up feeling more exhausted – like a rat caught on a spinning wheel that it forever runs around and around and around.

In contrast – if we rest, will we not wake up feeling refreshed and ready for whatever happens the next day?

This is a foreign concept to us all, to start with, as we are so used to overriding what the body tells us. In fact, we treat the body as a very low-class citizen within the world we like to think we rule. We push the body, we ignore its signals, and we use it to gain what we want. But in the end, the body will bring us to a halt, and it does this because it is an object of truth. Continue reading “Your body – Part 2”

Your body – Part 1

What does your body mean to you? A thing you cart around and that enables you to feel satisfied – through the food you put in, the entertainment you drink in through the body’s senses, or the other desires you satiate through what the body is able to do? Or is it more than that?

The fact is, our body is our connection to everything. The quality we allow within our body, becomes the quality of our relationships, the quality of the work we are able to produce, and in fact the quality of everything we do.

So where does that start? Continue reading “Your body – Part 1”


As the weather starts to get cooler in the Southern Hemisphere, it is a good time to look at the part that warmth plays in our life.

We sometimes call a person cold when they are distant, not wanting to connect with us, and keeping themselves removed. We can even call a person ‘icy cold’ when they are really shutting us out and saying a vehement “No” to any form of connection. We would all have to agree that interacting with a cold person is not fun at all.

But are we truly warm in the way we interact with others?

So what is warmth? Continue reading “Warmth”

The Quality of what you do

We’ve looked in recent articles at quality in life.

The fact is, if you are feeling absolutely gorgeous inside, then isn’t everything you do going to be wonderful?

People often comment that they can feel whether there is care, or a lack of care, in cooking for instance – food can feel a bit ‘dead’ if it is just slapped together, and even worse if it is cooked by someone who is angry, resentful or the like. OR, food can feel so welcoming and nourishing if it has been cooked in true care. In fact, food can be absolutely amazing if cooked by someone who is vital, alive, sparkling and who lovingly puts the meal together knowing they are nurturing all who eat it.

Similarly, if we produce work not just to tick a box and move onto the next task, but to bring all we are to that task, then the quality we work in makes the work we do amazing. We can all feel it when something has been produced with great care – and all bosses would be sure to say they definitely value quality very highly in terms of what matters to them at work.

If we put the quality we feel within our body ahead of all else, then the quality of everything we do goes up by magnitudes. Whatever line of work we are in, our clients or customers then can receive something very special indeed. Isn’t that what would define true success and true quality of service in business?