The fuzz

Getting out of the fuzz and in to our body

Has it ever felt to you that you are living in a fuzz? Sort of like your head is full of cotton wool and you can’t think straight? Why is this so?

We tend to think that everything leads from our head. We go straight to our head whenever we have a problem, whenever we want an answer or solution. But what this leads to is a going around and around in our head, a creation of angst when the solution does not just ‘appear’ and a cloudiness to life.

It also makes us tired. In fact going straight to the head to work out what is next or how to proceed, and mulling things over and over in the head, actually makes us tired.

So what is the way to get clarity on things?

Clarity in life comes from the body, not from the head. If you are moving to a picture or an image of how you think things need to be, then you are not moving free. If you are moving to a regret of the past, then your every move is like a weight pulling you down. Likewise, if you are moving ‘toward’ a fixed point you think you must reach at all costs, then would this not cause anxiousness, and an exhaustion as you forever chase that fixed point? This makes sense, no? Your every move is bound by the need to fit into a picture you are not meeting. It is a set up. If you actually let your body go and move free – like the freedom in a young child’s body, then there is a clarity to your movements and the quality of thoughts will follow.

The quality of thoughts follows the quality of movements in the body. We constantly flip it the other way around and yet complain about feeling like the world has been tipped on its head! What if we get our heads out of the way and allow the body to move itself, without dictation by the head as to what it needs to all look like, then we may find that the clarity in the thoughts can also, just be.

If this is the case, then any activity that helps us really get back in our body is a very useful thing to be doing. Then we can focus on the quality of the movements of the body: that quality is the key. Gentle movements where we are conscious of the quality of our movements and really with our body as it moves – this is the way.

What awaits us when we are truly with our body and moving the whole body together – body and mind in a quality of gentleness (or deeper), is a clarity to the body, a flow to the way it moves, and a consequent reflection of the same clarity in the thoughts we have in our head.

Worth giving a try?

One thing’s for sure: wouldn’t you rather have clarity and a flow to your movements, than that fuzz? It’s amazing to feel how we have the power to change it all…


This article was first published in Evolve College News.

Published by

Serryn O'Regan

Serryn O'Regan is Executive Manager Governance and General Counsel at Evolve College.

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