Being a team player – Part 2 – Bigger accountability

In Part 1 of this series, we explored the fact that the way we live gives us the parameters of what we can offer to those around us. We also looked at the fact that this has a direct impact on us and how well we can do in life.

We looked last week at the fact that we can pretend we have solidness, e.g. in a job interview, or with a client or in any other situation at all, but there is a very big difference between a polished act that has no substance behind it, and words that are true to the person speaking them.

The long and short of it is, that we cannot offer a quality that we are not ourselves living. It can be seen straight through – people are not idiots. We all know what is going on (whether or not we choose to really give credit to what we are reading and clocking).

And the quality that we live has a direct effect on us, as we have seen so far in this series, because it limits what we can call on – from our lived foundation. However, it also has a direct effect on others – i.e. on the teams we are a part of.

A family member or a work colleague lets everyone else on the team down, when they are not transparent, and do not choose to live in such a way that brings true quality to those around them.

A team player, in a true – and we could say universal sense – knows their part in the whole, and makes absolutely sure that they live in a manner that guarantees that they will bring quality to their part. They are not trying to be the whole thing – as each person has the job of doing their part, but with the person who chooses to live like this, the difference is that they are absolutely committed to making sure that their contribution, is quality, knowing that this adds to the quality of the whole.

Working in a team is an amazing and wonderful thing. It brings so much benefit to us all – as what we can produce together as a team (family, workplace, community, society) is so much more than any of us could bring on our own. When we take this seriously, and bring our all, we get to deeply appreciate that we are adding something of true value to all the teams we are part of, and that is playing our part in full. And the teams we are part of start with our relationships, our family, and extend to our workplaces and organisations, right out to our communities, and way, way beyond.

So, what sort of team player are you?


This article was first published in Evolve College’s Studymassage News.

Published by

Serryn O'Regan

Serryn O'Regan is Executive Manager Governance and General Counsel at Evolve College.

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