What will you leave behind?

An interesting question to ponder is – what will you leave behind, in the next moment, today, or at the end of your life?

We are leaving things behind us all of the time. It is like we are sharing one massive pool, and the way we walk through that pool leaves a wake. We can very easily imagine a series of ripples coming out from behind us as we walk through life (in whatever activity it is we do).

There is a quality to the ripples we send out as we walk and carry out our day.

  • If we are slamming our way through our day, then the ripples are like tidal waves.
  • Likewise, if we are disregarding others or competing with them or casting them aside, then the ripples we send out as we walk through life hit others hard and can even knock them down (whether we see this or not).

But it is not just about hardness, competition, and driving ourselves. There is an opposite end to the spectrum as well.

  • If we are walking 1 foot above the ground, not really here, and approaching life in a blissful, floaty way, then what sort of ripples are we sending out?

The truth is, there is no quality, and no equalness, in either end of this spectrum – they are both just opposite ends of the same line, and that line does not bring any true quality to the world we share.

So what else is there?

What if we chose to be right here, real, and part of life, yet deliberately choosing to not be caught in the whirlwind of it all. Is that possible?

The answer is yes, it very much is.

The way to do this is to put quality above everything else – make our lives about the quality we bring to everything – our interactions, our work, our family, our home, our sleep, our preparation for work – the whole lot.

And how do we bring quality? Once again, the answer is simple. Quality is brought through connection to the body. The body tells us loud and clear what is okay and what is not. And if we listen to it, and put first not the outcome, but the quality, we will be rewarded back many-fold, and perhaps more than we could realise is possible.

We have a choice:

On the one hand – we can choose:

  • racing through the day
  • getting to the top no matter what
  • being the best
  • being right at all costs,


We can choose:

  • To make the quality of our relationships with people what matters most
  • To make it all about the quality of our work, not just getting things done
  • To realise that we are part of a team, whether that be a family, a workplace, an organisation, etc – so what are we contributing to that?

We can see this in our work – if we see clients, or if we work in an office or whatever it is we do – what is the quality we leave behind in our hallways, in our office/treatment room, in our relationships, in everything we do?

We are constantly leaving a wake behind us. That wake either adds true value to the communities and society we all share – and we all contribute to – or it lessens and in fact damages it.

It is a great opportunity to reflect on what we are leaving behind, and a beautiful question to ask ourselves – because the answer we all choose to give to it, matters very much, to all of us, as the cumulative effect of our answers (each and every one of us) adds up to the quality of the pool we share.


This article was first published in Evolve College’s Studymassage News.

Published by

Serryn O'Regan

Serryn O'Regan is Executive Manager Governance and General Counsel at Evolve College.

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