Going beyond the minimum standards – Part 2 – Education

In Part 1 of this series, we explored the standards we set as a society and started to expose that they are actually at a very minimal level.

We looked in Part 1 at Work Health and Safety (WHS) – and saw that what we accept WHS means is actually far lower than what it truly means in the workplaces we share and visit.

This week, we look at education. We accept that education is teaching us something we do not know, and delivering us a qualification or piece of paper we can hang on our wall that says that we are competent and have achieved something. An accolade, yes, but is that really what education is? Continue reading “Going beyond the minimum standards – Part 2 – Education”

Going beyond the minimum standards – Part 1

Have we paused to reflect on the fact that we all accept the standards we call the baseline in life?

Our standards apply to all areas of life. They apply to legal standards, ethical standards and general benchmarks of behaviour we will accept and those we will not.

These standards are necessary. They are for the safety and protection of all in our society, and they have an important part to play. However, are they everything?

For instance, we have Work Health and Safety standards that are enshrined in legislation, which require our work places to be safe and without risk of injury or harm to anyone in the workplace. This is obviously needed. For instance, if we operate a massage or other health-care clinic, we are obliged to ensure that there are no tripping hazards, that clients can get onto and off the table without injury, and so forth. But do our standards equate to a true standard, or do they represent something less? Continue reading “Going beyond the minimum standards – Part 1”

Time to be more?

Throughout life, we settle for less, and this has a huge impact on us all, as a whole society.

It is very much worth us asking where we can bring more and where we are limiting ourselves, for we are – each and every one of us – lessened by the limits we place. We are part of something much bigger than us, and although we may shut our eyes to it we are all affecting that whole, all of the time.

It is a wonderful re-awakening when we realise that there is much we can do to bring quality both to our own lives as well as the whole that we all share and make up.

Being a team player – Part 2 – Bigger accountability

In Part 1 of this series, we explored the fact that the way we live gives us the parameters of what we can offer to those around us. We also looked at the fact that this has a direct impact on us and how well we can do in life.

We looked last week at the fact that we can pretend we have solidness, e.g. in a job interview, or with a client or in any other situation at all, but there is a very big difference between a polished act that has no substance behind it, and words that are true to the person speaking them.

The long and short of it is, that we cannot offer a quality that we are not ourselves living. It can be seen straight through – people are not idiots. We all know what is going on (whether or not we choose to really give credit to what we are reading and clocking).

And the quality that we live has a direct effect on us, as we have seen so far in this series, because it limits what we can call on – from our lived foundation. However, it also has a direct effect on others – i.e. on the teams we are a part of. Continue reading “Being a team player – Part 2 – Bigger accountability”

Being a team player – Part 1 – The effect on us

Did you know you are always part of a team?

We are part of a team in our family, in our homes (whoever we live with), in our workplaces and in fact on a much broader scale as well.

We tend to think of ourselves as only responsible for what is right in front of our face without paying much attention to the bigger picture and the fact that what we do does not just affect ourselves.

The thing is, the way we live, affects all those around us. If we live in a mess (in any aspect of life), then we bring disorder and disregard to life, and this is felt by others. Similarly, if we leave things unfinished or constantly procrastinate over what needs to be done (delay), then this is what we are offering to others (whether that be the family members who have to walk in our wake, or the work team members who have to wait to do their task, because we haven’t done the preceding task that was allocated to us, thereby putting them under pressure). Sound familiar?

The fact is, this has a great effect on us. We may cruise along thinking it doesn’t really matter, but when we want to call upon something more – e.g. we have to ‘perform’ or show we are on top of our game, we just don’t have the resources (lived foundation) from which to go forward. Continue reading “Being a team player – Part 1 – The effect on us”

From given-up to amazingness

If we are willing to be really honest, what contribution do we bring to our work, our families, our relationships, in fact everything that we do?

Does it matter?

We could say, no, as we just want to get through our day, get to the weekend so we can have a ‘break’ or that we do not even have time to think about this.

But the fact is, we are being blind when we think like this. Because the way we choose to live is the quality of life we then receive and experience. Continue reading “From given-up to amazingness”

What will you leave behind?

An interesting question to ponder is – what will you leave behind, in the next moment, today, or at the end of your life?

We are leaving things behind us all of the time. It is like we are sharing one massive pool, and the way we walk through that pool leaves a wake. We can very easily imagine a series of ripples coming out from behind us as we walk through life (in whatever activity it is we do).

There is a quality to the ripples we send out as we walk and carry out our day.

  • If we are slamming our way through our day, then the ripples are like tidal waves.
  • Likewise, if we are disregarding others or competing with them or casting them aside, then the ripples we send out as we walk through life hit others hard and can even knock them down (whether we see this or not).

But it is not just about hardness, competition, and driving ourselves. There is an opposite end to the spectrum as well. Continue reading “What will you leave behind?”


Do you find yourself rushing often? Does it seem like no matter how much time you allow or how seemingly little you have to do before you leave, you always seem to be late?

We often try to cram in as much as possible prior to a departure – focusing on tasks we can fit in, and not paying attention to the time or allowing ourselves to get ready in grace.

But is it possible that we actually choose this?

What we need to realise is that the way we depart for an event, a work day, or a meeting of any description, is the quality we bring into that event. Continue reading “Rushing”

New Beginnings

At any time, we can choose to have a new beginning. What does this mean?

It means we can start afresh. Perhaps we can admit that our relationships have been a bit guarded, that we have been interacting with people at work and in our every day life with protection and a closed-ness. Perhaps we have done things to seek security and feel safe, at the expense of others.

At any time, we can decide that we want to bring an openness and a humbleness to address what needs to be addressed, so that what we bring to those around us is true. Continue reading “New Beginnings”