Role models

Have you ever considered yourself as a role model?

The fact is, we all are reflecting to each other all of the time. And what we choose to reflect to each other can and often is taken up by others who copy or tailor what they are doing as a result of what they see.

We would all be able to point to people who have been role models for us throughout life. Role models do not necessarily have to be people who are older than us. They can be any age. They are people we watch and who represent something we then take on in our own lives, in one form or another. Role models can be very inspiring and we may well realise that everything we do in life that truly grows us comes from being reflected to or inspired by another.

Reflections in life allow us to see that there is more. This is wonderful, because life is actually limitless in terms of the quality we can represent and live and what we can therefore offer to ourselves and to all others around us, when we open ourselves to that possibility.

So what quality do we choose to reflect to others? Are we the type of role model we would recommend others to follow?

The thing is, everything we do is modelling a particular way of life – it models to others our level of commitment to life, our willingness to bring our all (or not), and our openness to others (or not). It also models whether we are motivated by self, and getting out of life what we can for ourselves, or whether we are actually there for all equally – us and all else.

If you knew that there were many, many people around you all of who observe the way you go about life, would you change the way you approach life?

If you are a Massage Therapist, for instance, then wouldn’t this include all your clients, for starters? In fact, everyone you encounter would fall into this category.

We are all actually role models, for each other, for we are constantly confirming to each other the type of society we are prepared to accept, and the type of behaviour or approach to life that we want to have. We either:

  • model to others that living in tension, stress, contraction and no true openness to others, is fine because it’s just the way it is, or
  • we make a conscious choice to go for more in life, because something inside of us, a little twinkle (that we could even say is like the stars) seems to be telling us that there is much, much more to life than this.

In fact, there is an enormous, un-measurable amazingness to life, if we open ourselves to that, and bust out of the ingrained ways we have all settled for. If we do so, then – wow – we could really start to role model something amazing to others. And once we do that, others can see it is possible, and they too can be inspired, and go on to do the same. And so it goes on, and on, and on.

Hey – we could even change the world.


This article was first published in Evolve College’s Studymassage News.

Published by

Serryn O'Regan

Serryn O'Regan is Executive Manager Governance and General Counsel at Evolve College.

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