Being ethical in work and life – Part 1

What are ethics? 

In this series, we look closely at what ethics actually are.

If you tick all the boxes and pull things together to pass an audit, or meet regulatory requirements, does that make you ethical? Probably the answer we would give would be yes.

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines ethics as “the science of morals, treatise on this, moral principles or rules of conduct”. It notes that the word, ethics, comes from the Greek “éthikos meaning ‘of or for morals’”.

We could say that we are being ethical when we do the right thing. And this would be correct. Ethics set a benchmark of behaviour we expect of each other. Continue reading “Being ethical in work and life – Part 1”

Complementary Health-care – Part 2

What is your contribution? 

in Part 1 of this series, we looked at the fact that each therapist and modality within complementary health-care contributes to the quality of the pool of complementary health-care as a whole. Hence we could see that we have a responsibility not only to our clients individually, but we also contribute directly to the overall quality of the health-care industry and the service available to the public.

In this article, we look at what that means for us, as therapists in this field.

So what is the quality of our contribution, not only to our clients, but to the availability of health-care to the wider society we all share?

The quality that we offer comes directly from the quality that we live, across all aspects of life. Continue reading “Complementary Health-care – Part 2”

Complementary Health-care – Part 1

What is your contribution?

If you work as a therapist or complementary health-care practitioner of any kind, is it possible that you are part of something much bigger than just your own personal business or the clinic at which you work?

A practitioner such as a massage therapist is part of complementary health-care, which is an overall term for a range of modalities and therapies which support a person in their health-care but are not conventional medicine. Complementary health-care therapies are exactly that – complementary to conventional medicine (and not a replacement of or alternative to it). Complementary health-care can provide much support to clients, alongside the treatment they may be receiving from conventional medicine.

The provision of any form of health-care to a client carries with it a responsibility. All Massage Therapists or other health-care practitioners will no doubt be aware that they have a duty of care to their client. However, have you considered that your duty of care could be wider than this? Continue reading “Complementary Health-care – Part 1”

Social Media

Does it seem to you that the whole world is addicted to social media? People are on it constantly, posting, liking, sharing. But have we paused to ask ourselves why we actually use it?

Do we go onto social media, thinking it will prove our worth if we have lots of ‘friends’ on facebook or ‘followers’ on LinkedIn or Google Plus? Does that make us legitimate in the world, successful in our field of work, or worthy of being looked at?

Or is there a potential use of social media that far surpasses that? Continue reading “Social Media”

Golden qualities – Part 5 – Awareness and relationships

In Part 4 of this series, we looked at Awareness and the fact that we all really do know that there is more to life than the physical every-day that we tend to get caught up in, which fact is reflected back to us daily by the stars at night.

We could also see Awareness as the key to our relationships. If we are willing to see the ‘more’ in the person before us, rather than labelling them as their last mistake, then immediately the potential of what is between us, or what we could have together, expands as well. Continue reading “Golden qualities – Part 5 – Awareness and relationships”

Golden qualities – Part 4 -Awareness

In Part 3 of this series, we looked at Reading and the fact that we are actually always ‘reading between the lines’ and we really do know so very much about what is going on for people, even if they do not say it outright. We looked at what we use to not read, as in the opposite of reading, which is raciness – any time we go into motion so we are not actually connecting with what we are already picking up in others.

In this article, we look at another golden quality, Awareness.

Awareness relates to the fact that we actually all really do know that there is more to life than the everyday conveyer belt existence that so many of us accept as our reality. If we allow our awareness, we can open up to the fact that there is so much more. Continue reading “Golden qualities – Part 4 -Awareness”

Golden qualities – Part 3 – Reading

In Part 2 of this series, we looked at Connection and the fact that when we are willing to connect with someone, we open ourselves up to the full potential of all we could be together – as amazing as the universe, in fact. The opposite of connection, or what we use to avoid it, is dampness, which is any time we dismiss another or ‘wipe them off’.

This week, we look at another golden quality, Reading.

So what is reading? Yes, we learn how to read at school and we can become very proficient in this, and many of us can make our way through books, we study, we learn, we work and there is reading involved in so much of what we do. But is reading more than that?

The fact is, we have another level of reading available to us – which we could call tapping into things we just ‘know’. This is no big deal – Continue reading “Golden qualities – Part 3 – Reading”

Golden qualities – Part 2 – Connection

in Part 1 of this series, we looked at Transparency and the opposite of transparency, which is protection. We looked at how this affects all our relationships and when we are in protection, we keep people out – and it means we never experience true closeness as a result. In transparency, on the other hand, we allow others to see us for who we really are (good or bad).

When we decide to go for truth in a relationship, we lay aside the need to be correct, ‘right’ or the forever-strong one, and we put far more emphasis on being real, and the quality of the relationship.

This week, we look at another golden quality – Connection. Transparency and connection are intrinsically linked. If we are transparent with others, it supports us to really connect with them. As the opposite, if we are in protection, we stop ourselves from connecting.

The fact is, we choose these qualities, day after day after day. We choose them with ourselves, and we choose them with all others in our lives. We choose to connect, or we choose to go with something less.

Continue reading “Golden qualities – Part 2 – Connection”

Golden qualities – Part 1 – Transparency

Transparency is an absolutely golden quality. When we make ourselves transparent, it means that others can see exactly what is going on with us – no shields, no pretence, no fight/struggle – we just present as we are and allow the person/people we are with to see us exactly as we are.

Meeting someone who is transparent sets us immediately at ease – or at least invites us to be at ease. It is quite rare to meet true transparency, where there really is nothing in the way and the person allows us to ‘see through’ to the inner, or what is really going on, with nothing masking that or standing in the way.

Continue reading “Golden qualities – Part 1 – Transparency”

Potential – Part 4

Is your life all it really can be?

We have seen that potential is a possibility – but it does not become realised, unless we choose to exercise it, or realise it. In other words, we all have tremendous potential, but so much of it – perhaps far more than we realise, is untapped. And why? Well, as this series has exposed, it is actually because we choose not to tap into it.

We live much of our lives bringing far less than we really could to it. We bring less to our relationships, to our work and to the tasks we do, day to day. It is not as if we don’t know how to bring more – we do. Rather, we choose to bring less.

Hence, the potential is there, but it is untapped – because of the choices we ourselves make. Continue reading “Potential – Part 4”