Regulatory requirements for health-care workers – Part 2

Part 2 – Requirements under the National Code

In whatever profession or career we work in, we are subject to certain laws and regulations which govern the way we work. The purpose of these is for the safety and wellbeing of workers and the public whom they serve.

Evolve College fully backs and supports safe and ethical practice in health-care and we are leaders in this field in terms of the education we provide, to support the workers in health-care of tomorrow to be equipped to provide true quality care to those they serve.

In Part 1 of this series on regulatory requirements for health-care workers, we looked at the National Code of Conduct that was endorsed by COAG in 2015 and has been enacted in various states as outlined in Part 1.

In this article, we look at the provisions of the National Code and therefore the main principles you need to comply with if you are a health-care service provider. Continue reading “Regulatory requirements for health-care workers – Part 2”

Regulatory requirements for health-care workers

Part 1 – Introduction to the National Code

Complying with all legal and regulatory requirements is a fundamental part of any business, including as a health-care practitioner such as a massage therapist, counsellor, or a therapist of another unregistered health-care modality.

If you practise in health-care, are you aware of all the requirements you need to meet? Continue reading “Regulatory requirements for health-care workers”

Development – Part 1

We are all developing things all the time – beginning things. But the way we go about development is very telling.

For instance, in a housing development, if we were the developer, would we have a funnel vision focused on making the most out of the development for the least possible expenditure, or would we consider the bigger picture and how the development could take care of everybody’s interests, i.e. the whole? Continue reading “Development – Part 1”

Drilling down – What is the true business of business? – Part 4

Our part in the whole

This is part 4 (and the final part) in our series of what really matters in business (and indeed in life).

We like to think we operate in a silo – in other words, that what we do, does not affect anyone else, and/or does not really matter. We especially like to categorise things we do as ‘not really mattering’ if no one can see what it is we are engaging in. So behind closed doors, we as a society engage in all sorts of things that we wouldn’t really like to admit to.  Continue reading “Drilling down – What is the true business of business? – Part 4”

Drilling down – What is the true business of business? – Part 2

What is quality service?

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at how to build your business and the usual business tactics that are employed. While these tactics may seem to work short term, what truly sustains a business and makes it a success is the quality of service it offers, to everyone, on a consistent basis.

There are plenty of imposters in today’s business world. They look good, say all the right things, and may be very respectful in their carefully chosen words. They may operate from impeccable premises and their website and documentation may say everything you have wanted to hear.

But there is more to quality than all of that. Quality is quality. In other words, it is not words, a document, a sales person’s smiling face or ‘thank you’ or anything else done. Quality is the underpinning nature and make-up of all that is deliveredContinue reading “Drilling down – What is the true business of business? – Part 2”

Drilling down – What is the true business of business? – Part 1

How do you get more clients?

You could try buying customer lists, and contact them with swish sales stories and promos and hope this brings a flood of customer interest…

You could do a fire sale and hopefully bring in huge business over a short period… undercutting competition and offering irresistible deals…

You could do promos offering 2 for 1 deals or offering a free first session for friends of existing clients, to build new business…

All of this is certainly used frequently to attempt to build business.

But does it?  Continue reading “Drilling down – What is the true business of business? – Part 1”