Breaking free of images – Part 3

Can you imagine how good it would feel if you just let yourself be? If you didn’t need to look the part or measure up to any ideal?

As we have seen in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, images mean that what we try over and over to deliver, or what we are constantly trying to measure up to, is a picture of what we are supposed to look like and be like in life.

We can’t actually ever fully satisfy the image because it is a picture – it is not real. So, we end up going around in a world where your image meets another’s image and so what we call relationships are really just an arrangement between images, rather than a real-deal connection and all that could mean.

Breaking free of images is a very worthwhile thing to do, and it actually is very possible. Continue reading “Breaking free of images – Part 3”

Breaking free of images – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at images we are fed very early on in life about how we are expected to be and behave in life. These images become ideals that we are constantly trying to live up to.

The fact is, the images are often unattainable and they also have a deleterious effect on us and those we love.

For instance, looking deeper at the examples from last week:

  • We are fed an image of what a woman is supposed to look like – we see plenty of women in our lives who put everyone else first, and themselves last (and that is if they factor in at all). This leaves women exhausted, burnt out and if we are honest, resentful.
  • We are also fed an image of what a man is supposed to look like – our role models for men say that a man’s duty is to provide, and this focuses him in on making sure he does so. Providing, in terms of money, security, comfort – is then interpreted as meaning loving and caring for one’s family, even if the family never gets to see him, and irrespective of how he actually feels in himself.

What we can see from the above, is that the images actually discount us as people. They tell us we need to measure up to something that actually removes us from who we truly are.

And what is the result? We lose ourselves in the forever-chased-ideal to try to be ‘good enough’, and those we love get far less than all of us. Continue reading “Breaking free of images – Part 2”

Breaking free of images – Part 1

Do we walk through life as ourselves, or is there something governing us, that limits what we bring?

We may answer that with a flippant, “Of course I am myself” – but are you?

In this article, we take a look at the way we live. We may all readily say that we are free in life to be who we really are, but is this actually true? When we look a little bit deeper, we can see that we think we are free, but if we are really honest about it, we may see that we are actually bound by images, or pictures, that tell us how we need to act and how we need to be. Continue reading “Breaking free of images – Part 1”

We are not what we do

We get very caught up in outcomes. In fact, we often think they define us. If we do a good job, we think we are doing really well. However when we do not receive any praise, or if we actually receive a criticism or feel we have done something wrong, it can feel as if our whole world has caved in. In fact, it feels like it is imploding and we’re just spiralling down.

Why is this? Does it have to be this way? Continue reading “We are not what we do”

Investing our money – Part 3

in Part 2 of this series, we looked at building our awareness of the effect that our choices to spend money has.

The fact is, our investments either pay off hugely, and not just in financial terms, or they do not. If you invest in a great property, bought at the right time, you can watch it grow in value over time, as an asset that you nurture and value, through your consistent hard work and repayments of the mortgage, etc.

But it is not just financial. Let’s look at 2 aspects of this:

PART A: QUALITY OF LIFE Continue reading “Investing our money – Part 3”

Investing our money – Part 2

in Part 1 of this series, we looked at how our spending of money is actually an investment. We either invest wisely – in something that grows or develops or supports ourselves or others, or we tend to let it just waste away and don’t really know where it all went at the end of the day.

We can see from this that our tax return, or our balance sheet, at the end of a financial year, is actually a statement that can be read as to the health of our investments – and it says a lot about where we are at in our own quality of life. If our bottom line is very starkly red (i.e. not much there, or full of debt), then this says a lot about how we have been living. Likewise, if it is a full bottom line (to whatever level is right for us) then that indicates a depth of support and a reflection of wise investments over the period.

We can see from this that our investments are more than just financial. The reason for this is that every financial investment decision we make ends up supporting us back, or draining us.

What is the quality of financial decisions you are making? Continue reading “Investing our money – Part 2”

Investing our money – Part 1

Have we paused to think about how we use our money?

Do we splash it around, spending on impulse and then wondering why we don’t have any left at the end of a financial year? Or do we know where our money goes and make our spending decisions wisely?

We may think that managing our money carefully is something for trained accountants and tax advisers, and not for the rest of us, but this sort of attitude does not actually serve us.

What we need to come to see is that every time we spend money, on anything, we are making an investment. The investment is in ourselves, our development and therefore our future, or it can also be for the development and future of others.

Like any investment, there is a pay off. Continue reading “Investing our money – Part 1”

Taking care of you

How much do you take care of yourself, in whatever other job you may do in life?

Do you put your clients first and yourself last? Many of us were brought up to think that putting ourselves last is actually true. In fact, we were told that if we put ourselves first, then this is selfish and that is a bad thing.

But the thing is, we can only offer our clients the quality we are living ourselves. So if we’re running on an empty tank, so to speak, then we may offer our clients all we can, but this is actually a pretty withered, empty all. Conversely, if we make sure we take care of ourselves, then what we present to our clients is a fullness, a genuine care and a readiness to do what is needed. Continue reading “Taking care of you”

Building a client base

If you are starting a new business, in any other field, or if you are simply wanting to grow your business, how do you go about building or growing a client list?

Do we go for the old saying of Beg, Borrow or Steal? Do we go and purchase client or marketing lists from others? You may laugh but as we know, some companies do actually do this. Leaving that aside though, is there a better way to build your business? Continue reading “Building a client base”